any workload with one command.

Qleet eliminates the burden of running applications so developers can focus on coding, not plumbing.

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We treat anything that isn't application code as a dependency.

Applications and environments need to be dynamic and symbiotic, evolving and adapting to changing conditions without human intervention. Qleet enables development teams to deploy and manage their applications and dependencies with just a configuration file. It inverts the traditional delivery model so teams no longer need to provision and configure dependencies separately and, prior to, application deployment.

The platform stores and manages the relationships between applications, dependencies, and configurations. It seamlessly sends that information to the appropriate place, and effectively provisions and orchestrates everything at runtime without human intervention.

Built for developers

Increasing developer agility, scalability, and efficiency.

Simplifying day 1 and automating day 2 of the software development lifecycle.

Unify the way you deliver & manage all your workloads across all environments

Connect to & replicate any environment without Terraform

Add new features, functionalities, and capabilities faster

Protect & scale your services without compromising ops, security, compliance, and costs

Lower your cloud bills and adopt best-of-breed services without adding overhead

More time playing in your sandbox. Less time configuring it.
Environments-as-a-service for any containerized workload
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Cloud infrastructure doesn't have to be complex. Qleet increases agility and allows businesses to deploy and scale applications at the speed of development.
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Tell your developers what they're permitted to use and set up dependency profiles that make things available to them on-demand. Qleet removes the need to manually provision and orchestrate resources, reducing the possibility of errors and unifying security & compliance.
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Developers are accustomed to working in silos. Qleet lets them deliver their work from wherever they are, whenever they’re ready, without waiting on DevOps.
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Qleet lets your application express what it needs so you don’t have to guess. Auto-scale your compute resources dynamically so you’re only using the resources your application requires.
A win-win for your whole team
what your team will experience when you build with Qleet


Confidently adapt to evolving requirements, cloud platforms and dependencies without replatforming.

App owners

Focus on adding features and functionality instead of platform specific requirements and evolving dependencies.

Security & Risk Management

Eliminate gaps and blindspots between your desired state and existing state and comply with evolving requirements without friction or code changes. 

Business leaders

Gain control of your cloud costs and your supporting overhead without hiring unicorn experts.

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